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Rating of the most expensive houses in Odessa

Rating of the most expensive houses in Odessa

Odessa and Odessa region have always been a popular resort, attracting millions of holidaymakers and tourists from all over the world. In a beautiful city by the sea want to settle many wealthy people.

Beautiful mild sea climate, good ecology and calm seismic environment attract those who want to buy real estate of this wonderful resort.

Offers of the real estate market in Odessa

Currently, real estate offices of Odessa offer a large number of luxury mansions at an average price of 4-5 million. $. Some of these buildings are “hot objects.” This means that they can sell very quickly. Most properties for sale stay on the market for no more than 98 days, as they quickly receive several offers to buy.

Over the past month, more than 60 good luxury houses have been sold on the Odessa market. Among them met the most expensive houses in Odessa,a luxurious elite level. In addition to houses, over the past month realtors have also sold apartments,townhouses, apartment buildings.

Wealthy buyers want to choose the best prestigious house in the Odessa region. Let’s take a closer look at this issue with a small ranking of Odessa mansions.

Rating of expensive mansions

The top 5 most expensive mansions in Odessa consists of modern palaces, distinguished by a unique design, luxurious sculpting and their own beach complexes. Such houses are only available for very wealthy people.

Rating of luxury homes:

  • The first place of the rating can be given to a large building located in a bathroom alley. The lane is located between the stations of the great Fountain No. 8 and No. 9. It has an area of more than 1000 square pictures. my own beach. Its cost starts at 5.5 million. $. The building has its own elevator, several bathrooms, many luxurious rooms. The complex includes a large garage and a plot of 20 acres. All kinds of balconies/terraces adorn the facade of the building, allowing you to admire the seascapes at any time.

  • The second place is occupied by the complex next door, also in Bath Lane. The complex is estimated at more than 4 million. $, has an area of 700 sq. m. Right from the site is a descent to its own beach. The building is made in the classical design direction. There is a huge pool, sauna for SPA procedures.

  • The third position belongs to the mansion on The Fountain. Its area is 900 square pictures. site of more than 12 acres. The feature of this complex is a large luxurious gazebo, a beautiful pool. Impressive is the real pond, which has a beautiful fountain. There is a beautiful children’s gazebo on the estate.

Inside is marble, warm heated floors. There is a solarium, several terraces overlooking the sea area. There is a pool hall, hammam and swimming pool for entertainment. For children equipment game room. The feature of this mansion is the climate control system in all rooms.

  • Fourth place ranking at the luxurious palace on the French Boulevard. The large two-storey house has an area of more than 500 square pictures. located above the beach “Otrada.” The material of the house is a red brick with insets of valuable wood. The site has 14 acres. The value of the mansion is more than 4 million. Dol.

  • The fifth place of honor is occupied by the White Sail Mansion. The large luxury complex is located on the Fountain Road. It is estimated at 4 million dollars. The layout of the building consists of several rooms, a spacious living room, a children’s playroom. The building has a swimming pool with a sauna. On the territory there is a pond with a waterfall, a garage, a house for guests.

For wealthy people who want to have their own elite mansion near the Black Sea, Odessa offers many interesting options. Using our rating, every buyer can find the most expensive house in Odessa, which you can only dream of.