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Buy an office in Odessa: learn about 5 main mistakes

Buy an office in Odessa: learn about 5 main mistakes

Commercial real estate Odessa – a real gold mine, which can take your business to a new level. And if you plan to buy a couple of hundred square meters for your company in the near future, then you will find this article very timely.

After reading this selection of basic and gross mistakes that entrepreneurs make when buying an office, you will buy your commercial property without a hitch.

Error number 1: The buyer forgot to check the legality of the seller’s property rights. Opens our chart is the most gross and problematic error. Unfortunately, despite all the obviousness, buyers often forget to do the most basic: to make sure that the room for the office in Odessa really belongs to the seller. As a result, the mountain-businessman puts a tidy sum of unclean on the hand of the entrepreneur, who has nothing to do with the real estate sold. And sooner or later there is a real owner and claims the rights to his legal property. Can you imagine the costs of this inattention error? Therefore, carefully study all the documents that confirm the ownership of the office.

Error No.2. The buyer saves on the advice of an experienced lawyer. This error follows smoothly from the previous one. If you are unsure of your legal literacy, seek help from an experienced and reliable lawyer. You’d rather pay a certain amount of money now than then you’ll have to pay ten times that money. Unfortunately, the sale of offices in Odessa and other Ukrainian cities often ends in litigation. You don’t want to add to that statistic, do you?

Error number 3. The new owner forgot to check the payment of all utility bills. In some cases, this gaffe can end in a very bad manner. Very often commercial real estate in Odessa is sold with thousands of debts for electricity, water, sewerage. And as a result, the recently held owner of a small office is forced to part with the latest savings to pay off all payments. It also happens that utilities, having known about the change of owner, can even turn off the light or water for debts. And the buyer will have to spend more than one working day to return his office to working condition.

Error number 4. The buyer at the time of the preliminary inspection of the office did not ask about the well-established work of the entire infrastructure. In other words, instead of asking the neighbors, and often switching off the light and water, the impatient buyer prefers to take the seller’s word. And as a result, after a few days of work in a new room, all the company’s work stops due to another accident of power lines or pipe breakout. Remember, it is not enough to buy an office in Odessa, it is important to conduct serious exploration of the area before the conclusion of the final agreement.

Error number 5. The new owner did not find out whether it was warm in the office in winter? This mistake is made by almost 80% of all buyers who make a deal in the spring. Still, until winter is far, and how the batteries will work – time will tell. But it is worth the first frosts, as the management of the company grabs his head because of the exorbitant lysing costs of heating 100 square meters. Hence the conclusion: prepare a sleigh in the summer, and heating offices in Odessa before the onset of cold weather.