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Selling an apartment in a new building

Selling an apartment in a new building

Many people buy apartments in new buildings at the stage of their construction. By the time the house is built, their plans for purchased housing may change quite a lot. Sometimes people want to sell the apartment they have purchased. Therefore, in such cases, often the question arises – how to sell an apartment in a new building? If you’re also interested in the answer, then maybe this article can help you.

What taxes should be paid when selling an apartment in a new building?

If you are interested in selling an apartment in a new building tax to pay with such an operation will have to anyway. To be more precise, you will have to pay several taxes:

  • Notary services (usually divided 50 by 50 between the buyer and seller of the apartment);
  • The state duty, which is 1%, if you are disabled 1 or 2 groups or were injured in an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, then this tax you may not pay;
  • Payment to the pension fund of 1%;

It should also be noted that if the seller of the apartment makes not the first real estate transaction within a year, or the apartment sold to him was in his property for no more than 3 years, then he must pay 5% of the NDFL, as well as 1.5% of the army fee.

How to sell apartments in a new building as quickly and profitable as possible?

Of course, if you want to sell a property in a new building in Odessa, you probably want to do it quickly and profitably, the following tips will help you do it:

  • It is better to sell after all the documents are fully ready,so that there are no problems with their registration;
  • Do not inflate prices, if no one decided to buy an apartment within 1-2 months, so most likely the prices are inflated they should be lowered;
  • Do not forget to bargain, the modern market of new buildings is able to offer a large selection of options, but many of them go at an inflated price, it is done just so that you can bargain.
  • Many people are interested in how best to sell an apartment in a new building with or without repairs? It is better to sell with repairs,because in this case you can fairly put a higher cost.
  • Experienced realtor will help you to sell your apartment quickly and at a favorable price for you, it is very important that your chosen real estate office provided really high-quality services. Savings on the services of realtors may in the future cost you several thousand dollars or even more.

Guided by all these tips you can significantly increase your chances to sell an apartment in a new building quickly and at a good price.

How to sell an apartment in an unfinished new building?

Selling an apartment in a new building if it is still unfinished is also possible and in some cases it is a very reasonable decision. In this situation, the apartment can be sold on the so-called assignment.

The point of this approach is that the rights of the requirement for an apartment are transferred to the person to whom you want to sell the apartment in an unfinished house. Thus, the original owner of the apartment that is, you withdraw from the contract with the developer, transferring all the rights and obligations to the buyer, which in this case becomes a new lender.

Buying a home in an unfinished house can be done in one of two ways:

  • Equity agreement. Having signed such a contract a person wishing to buy an apartment in an unfinished house becomes an investor himself, who assumes all the risks and rights associated with this status.
  • Preliminary contract. The main difference of such a contract is that the information about the sale of new buildings is not entered to the state registry until the new building is fully surrendered and ready for living.

Each of these types of sales has both its plusand its drawbacks. It is worth choosing depending on the specifics of your particular case.

It is important to note that the signed contract of assignment of rights must also be registered with the state authorities. In any other case, it may be considered invalid.


We hope now you know more about how the sale of apartments in new buildings in Odessa or Odessa region. We hope that the information presented in this article will help you to better understand the issue of selling an apartment in a new building. And if you need to do that, you’ll be able to take advantage of the knowledge you’ve learned.