Over the past two decades, public opinion about the profession of "realtor" has changed dramatically, not for the better.. What to hide, and the realtors themselves have tarnished their reputation. Present and future property owners are confident that, that the agent is a bum, parasite and cork, wishing to profit at someone else's expense. We decided to give five compelling arguments in defense of realtors, because this specialist is more needed, what it seems.

The realtor knows the exact, an objective picture of the real estate market. Seems, there is everything on the internet. Direct contacts with sellers and buyers, legal aspects of buying / selling / renting real estate up to step-by-step instructions, registration office addresses, contacts with mortgage banks and insurance companies, free access to ads - all this creates the illusion, that now it is easy to carry out real estate transactions, and no one needs an information intermediary in the person of a realtor. And everything would be true, if the agent was engaged exclusively in information mediation. In fact, it turns out, that legal aid is not a recipe for borscht, and even step-by-step instructions do not guarantee, that the advice will be practical, not dangerous. Turns out, that direct contact with government agencies sometimes leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. It's not so easy to understand the intricacies of banking products.

AND, the most important, 70% ads - information and advertising noise.

Portals, providing real estate bases for everyone, do not earn on quality, but on the number of ads. Nobody will be engaged in "cleaning" and delete duplicate advertisements of different realtors about the same housing. It is simply not profitable.: advertising services paid, and the customer, as known, always right. There is no need to talk about the relevance and veracity of the information either.: black will be passed off as white, Khrushchev for Stalin, brick for the panel, and nothing will come to anyone for it. This is where the help of the "intermediary in the chain" will come in handy.

With a competent realtor, legal errors in paperwork are excluded. Sure, agent is not a lawyer. But he knows the basics of law, allowing to get started with the client, and will call a lawyer for help as soon as possible. Russian legislation and judicial practice has a lot of controversial cases and incidents, therefore, a competent realtor always works in tandem with a competent "lawyer".

Realtor saves time. To find a decent apartment on your own, you will have to eat at least a pound of salt and look at a dozen options with rusty bathrooms and faded old wallpaper. If it's about this, Certainly, will come. Most likely, serious problems will begin at the stage of studying some database from the Internet. Without an agent, you are doomed to many hours of calls and endless analysis of information on the network. Here is a selection of one-room apartments, meeting your requirements, on one of the portals. Suppose, in these options cost 1 square meter - 168,5 thous., 165,7 thous. and 142,1 thous. rubles respectively. Where is the right price, and where is deliberately underestimated?

Why is an object in the same house and on the same floor sold with a difference of 400 thous. rubles?

After all, probably, we are talking about the same apartment. Each object will have to "ring out", ask a list of questions and make sure, that apartment, specified in the ad, exists in reality. Now imagine a list of two dozen apartments. How long will it take for this work? Only relevant information will be collected, but you still need to process the results and draw the right conclusions. Will an untrained user be able to correctly read the information in the database, update ads and find a fair price? Will be able, but it will take time to gain such knowledge. Practice shows, that on average it takes to buy an apartment 7-8 months. To collect information, analysis and making the right decision an unprepared person really needs so much time. The agent can save it significantly, since I saw all the options offered to the client in advance and leads him to everything ready.

The realtor helps to diagnose the client's needs and measure them with his financial capabilities. Suppose, some specialist understood: to earn more, he will have to move to another city. maybe, he has already received a job offer, but for some reason does not plan to work in a new place all his life, therefore he is not going to sell real estate in his homeland and buy it in a new place. He will be interested in renting. Competent realtor, in turn, without unnecessary questions, it is better than any fortuneteller to determine, that the client needs an easy route to work, that the difference between the new salary and the rental rate should be obviously larger, since he goes to earn, that in his area his ideas about the quality of real estate. Besides, the realtor is always on the side of his ward, protects his interests and communicates with the owners of rental apartments, realizing, how his client thinks and which of his needs need to be satisfied.

The agent is the organizer of the whole process. In fact, realtor is a universal soldier, and his duties include not just finding / selling / renting a house. Customer, salesman, bank employees, registration, papers and certificates - the agent cares about everything. And all, what remains for the client is just to make a decision and sign the papers.

Yulia Isaeva

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