Free valuation of your property

Main Free valuation of your property

      If you decide to sell your property, then you will have a number of questions

      • How to sell;
      • What documents to draw up;
      • How much does it cost to complete a sale;
      • What is the best selling option;
      • Many other questions.
      Often, the self-sale process can take a long time and will require patience from you., time and money costs. All this can be avoided. If you do not want to burden yourself with unnecessary costs and want to quickly sell your property, then LLC "First Realtor Company" offers you its services.

      How the service works

      There are many web resources for property owners, on which they can independently post information. But that's not enough, and you still have to spend time updating information, execution of the relevant documentation and still solving many issues, arising in the process of sale. LLC "First Realtor Company" offers you its services for the sale of your real estate. In the event of a sale, the agency assumes all responsibilities: pre-sale preparation, advertising, demonstration, paperwork and more. When the professionals get down to business, then your property can be sold as soon as possible.

      How we are working

      Anyone can use our services, who decided to sell or change their property. Just three steps, and your property will be sold:
      • In the telephone mode (or by leaving a request on the website) You express a desire to sell your property and announce the desired amount of sale;
      • We will carry out pre-sale preparation, we will conduct a photo session and place an ad on the site. There will also be a distribution of information on the client base.. At this stage, frivolous customers are eliminated., and there is a demonstration of the object. A client appears, and an advance payment is made;
      • Within the agreed timeframe, a sales and purchase agreement is concluded with a notary. Here you get your money for the sold object. During the entire stage of the sale, you significantly save your own time and effort.. Our experience will allow you to sell your property in the shortest possible time.. We work with individuals and legal entities.

      Why you should choose LLC "First Realtor Company"?

      LLC "First Realtor Company" has been on the Ukrainian market for more than one year. Here you will always find the most "fresh »offers on the real estate market. The list of services allows you to carry out any operation of buying and selling real estate. We have all the ingredients, so that you choose the services of LLC "First Realtor Company":
      • We offer a fast and safe way to sell your property at a market price.;
      • Modern ways of advertising;
      • Any legally clean real estate is accepted.
      We try to secure all interested parties in the sale and purchase operation. When drawing up the contract, all the amounts of expenses are prescribed, commissions and the final amount is indicated, which you will get your hands on. Additional costs, except prescribed, you won't have. We have an individual approach to each client. Use the services of LLC "First Realtor Company" - it is always efficiency, safety and benefit!

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