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Property valuation – important stage, which determines the speed and cost of selling your property. Assessing yourself, you can underestimate important factors and sell the property at a lower price. To protect yourself from such problems – it is necessary to compare the characteristics of real estate with the current prices of similar properties on the market. An expert in real estate appraisal in Odessa can help you with this. – read the details and apply for an assessment.

Stages of real estate appraisal

№1 - Leave a request on the site

First stage - registration of an application in the form below. Fill in the simple fields and our manager will contact you shortly.

№2 - Property valuation

At a pre-agreed date and time, an experienced realtor arrives at your facility - evaluates all the details, which may affect the cost.

№3 - Market value

Get the market value of your property, which will be relevant in the real estate market. If desired - our realtors will help you with the sale.

    Real estate appraisal cost

    Property typePriceTimingAppraisal reportDeparture to the object
    Any propertyIs free1-2 of the dayNot issued.Photo rating.
    Residential Propertiesfrom 1300 UAH to 1800 UAH.1-2 of the day Issued. If necessary.
    Commercial real estatefrom 20000 UAH. from 1-2 daysIssued. Departure is required.

    Important! Real estate appraisal in Odessa is carried out free of charge only in case of oral consultation, if you need to get an appraisal report – order a paid service, the prices for it are given below. In this case, you will receive a document, in which there will be officially certified information about the value of the object. The assessment is carried out by our specialists as soon as possible. We provide service for all types of real estate: apartments, houses, cottages, land, offices, enterprises, industrial premises, shops, restaurants or cafes, etc.

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