What you need to know about registration

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What you need to know about registration

If you decide to buy or sell an apartment in Odessa , then in any case you will have a question of registration or discharge. The issue of registration is also relevant, if you need to place your child in school or kindergarten, issue a foreign passport, register non-real estate, etc..

so, what you need to know about registration:

1. The registration / discharge procedure takes only 1 day.

For more than a year, the registration / discharge procedure has been simplified. Previously, these were two separate procedures, which required the submission of a certain package of documents, and after a few more days of waiting. Only after receiving a stamp in the passport on deregistration, it was possible to apply for registration at a new address. but, now this procedure can be done simultaneously, and the whole procedure takes no more than 15-30 minutes. The only thing, what will it take, except for the required documents, this is to sign up for a citizen service center.

If you decide to register a person in the apartment, who is not proprietary, then, as before, you need to grant permission.

2. The place of registration does not affect the choice of kindergarten / school for the child

If earlier the choice of school / kindergarten was strictly limited territorially, then now, if there are electronic queues, the choice of educational institution becomes much more diverse and simpler. You can choose a school / kindergarten in any area of ​​the city and do not worry about the transfer of your child when you move.

3. Ownership does not depend on registration

Registering a person in his apartment, you do not grant him ownership, but only the right to reside and the right to use your apartment.