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How to buy an apartment with a mortgage? | 1Realty

Buying your own home is one of man's greatest desires. The desire to have your own property arises immediately after coming of age and the question of acquiring your corner becomes especially important, when the family appears.

However, to collect all the necessary amount for the purchase of real estate is quite difficult, after all housing prices are constantly at a high level. There are several different options for solving the housing problem.

Buying an apartment with a mortgage

Great option for those, who does not have the opportunity to contribute the full amount. The constant rise in property prices and the loss of cash value due to inflation make overpayments on borrowed mortgages minimal. in addition, having your own house, purchased with a mortgage, you will not have to face such difficulties, as moving and finding a new place to live, but the cost of renting a house can be compared with monthly mortgage payments.

Yet, a significant disadvantage in the mortgage can be considered a long-term loan closure. Banks do not want to release their customers early and impose conditions, for which the loan will have to repay from 10 years.

Buy the apartment in installments without collateral

For those, who does not want to get a loan, bondage from the bank, you can buy real estate in installments. The main advantage of such a purchase is the ability to quickly repay all the required amount. This period, usually, from 1 to 5 years.

As buy an apartment in installments without collateral:

  • Choose a developer, company or individual, which sells an apartment in an apartment building or a new building;

  • agree with the terms of periodic payments, which can be provided as free, and at a certain interest rate;

  • make an initial contribution, which must be at least a third of the cost of the apartment.

Depending on the developer or company, you can get a deferral of the required payment.

How to buy an apartment in installments


For that, to buy a house with the ability to pay the full amount in installments, you do not always need to contact a financial institution. It can be issued directly with the property owner. It is enough to know the basic principle, as buy an apartment in installments from the owner: concluding a contract of sale, in it the parties are obliged to correctly reflect the terms of settlements with an indication of the payment in installments.

Otherwise, there are no special differences when buying a home in installments, and it consists of the following steps:

  • Coordination of the terms of the future agreement by the parties;

  • Make a deposit or advance payment

  • Collection of documents for the implementation of the agreement

  • Signing the main contract;

  • property rights are re-registered, and housing is burdened with a screen saver.

After concluding the sale agreement, the buyer has the right to start living in the property, which he bought. Yet, he will not be able to take any action with her, until the burden is removed after the last payment has been made.

How to buy an apartment in installments in Odessa

In Odessa, the real estate market gives you the opportunity to choose different options for buying real estate. However, how to buy an apartment in installments from an individual, if there is fear to be caught by swindlers?

For that, to execute the transaction correctly and securely, it makes sense to contact the real estate office. Realtor databases allow you to have an idea of ​​the reliability of the owners, who sell real estate. Experienced realtors help to find housing, which meets all search requirements not only in Odessa, but also in the Odessa region. They will also provide competent support at all stages of real estate purchase, will help in preparing the contract.

Buying real estate is a serious step of any person, which must be made prepared and confident. Buying an apartment in installments is a unique opportunity to take this step.

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